The History of Camacho Cigars

The History of Camacho Cigars

Aug 1st 2019

Camacho Cigars

Camacho Cigars are known for their quality, handmade cigars and the dynamic flavors that accompany them. A lot has gone into making Camacho the world-renowned brand it is today, and it all started with a man exiled from Cuba, Simon Camacho.

Founding Camacho Cigars

In 1961, Simon Camacho founded his first cigar factory in Miami, Florida, Camacho Cigars. He had recently been exiled from Cuba and on his way out he brought some Corojo Cuban seeds with him. The seeds are known for their rich Cuban flavors and they excel at growing. The Corojo Cuban seeds he brought became a cornerstone of Camacho. Quickly, his brand rose to success and became world-renowned. Even Winston Churchill became a fan of the blends Camacho produced. As the brand grew, he started producing their tobacco in Nicaragua. Under Simon Camacho, the brand thrived. Five years after his death, Camacho Cigars was purchased by The Eiroa Family in 1995, under the leadership of Julio Eiroa.

The Eiroa Family

The Eiroa Family had deep roots in tobacco. Julio’s father, Genereso, had been growing tobacco as early as the 20th Century. The Eiroa Family were also Cuban Exiles, forced to leave because of the Cuban revolution. In 1961, Julio Eiroa even joined fellow Cuban exiles in an attempt to liberate his homeland at the Bay of Pigs.

Following the Bay of Pigs invasion, Julio went to Honduras and began working with Oliva Cigars and continued to throughout the 1960s. During the 1970s he began purchasing land of his own in Honduras with plans to cultivate tobacco. By the time he purchased Camacho in 1995, his Honduran tobacco became an integral part of the Camacho brand.

Davidoff Cigars

Davidoff Cigars purchased Camacho in 2008. The Eiroa Family remains a part of the brand as they continue to own the tobacco plantations Julio Eiroa fought to create. With Davidoff’s help, Camacho perfected their agricultural and manufacturing practices becoming one of the first tobacco brands to follow intensive environmental standards.

With roots in Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Florida, Camacho Cigars has become something unique. After nearly 50 years and three ownership changes, Camacho Cigars has become an ever-evolving brand that continues to produce new, bold flavors and they have proudly worked to maintain connections to the brand’s roots.

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