• Buenaventura BV560

    Buenaventura BV560

    Buenaventura BV560   Crafted exclusively with 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos, Curivari Buenaventura BV560 cigars offer an affordable option without compromising on rich, premium flavor. Packaged in classic cedar boxes reminiscent of old Havana, each box...
    MSRP: $75.00
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  • Buenaventura BV600

    Buenaventura BV600

    Buenaventura BV600 Step into the beloved world of Curivari Buenaventura with the BV 600 size—a fan-favorite in this exceptional line. With a robust 60-ring gauge, this cigar promises a flavorful and luxurious smoke, accompanied by a captivatingly...
    MSRP: $80.00
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