S.T. Dupont Inventory


Fine Collection of Rare S.T. Dupont Lights, Ashtrays, and Pens. 

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Quantity on hand subject to change as orders are place. Please Call to verify availability. Click Name for Image.


Model Number


Discount Price

Versailles LE Fountain Pen 481014M 5 $1,999.00
Opus X LE 2005 Pen 482269 4 $750.00
Medici 6 Piece Set 068471 2 $9,999.00
Statue of Liberty Line 2 Lighter 01600 2 $1,499.00
Opus X Ashtray 2006 LE Red 006277 1 $599.00
Vertigo Fountain Pen 481277M 2 $999.00
Opus X 2006 Fountain Pen 481277M 1 $895.00
Black Lacquer Fountain Pen 480674M 1 $599.00
Olympio Red Fountain Pen 481404M 1 $675.00
Black/White Ashtray  006024 1 $379.00
X-Tend Metal Ashtray 006400 1 $169.00
ST Dupont Lighter Case 080162 1 $175.00
Leroy Neiman Fountain Pen 481003M 1 $1,499.00
Opus X 2005 LE 4 Piece Set  026269 7 $5,700.00
Table Lighter: Briquet De Table Jeroboam Opus X Noir Limited Series 2005 S/N 54 of 85
026269 1 Call for Price
ST Dupont Porcelain Ashtray by De Limoges, France   1 Call for Price
ST Dupont Fountain Pen FFX Olympio X Large               Opus X 2006 481277M 1 Call for Price

Plume MM Olympio STD Laque De Chine Noire              Fountain Pen Attributs Palladium

480674M 1 Call for Price
ST Dupont Plume LS Olympio Vertigo 2
481012M 2 Call for Price
Briquet De Table Jeroboam Opus Noir Series Limited       2005 FFX  026269 6 Call for Price
St Dupont Versailles limited Edtion Large Roller Pen          White and Gold SN 0310/1636 482014 1 Call for Price
ST Dupont Versailles White and Gold Olympio Large          Roller Model 482014 SN 0319/1686 482014 1  Call for Price
ST Dupont Porcelain Ashtray with Cigar Rests De Lomoges   1 Call for Price
St Dupont Series LTD 2005 Set Opus X Noir (Lighters, Pen, Cutters) SN's 32, 57, 77 of 110COL   Various 3 Call for Price
ST Dupont Leroy Neiman Golf LTD Edition Plume Grand 481003 1 Call for Price
ST dupont Leroy Meiman Golf  LTD Edition Roller Olympio Model 482003 SN 105 of 400 482003 1 Call for Price
ST Dupont Briquet De Table No Box 206269 2 Call for Price
ST Dupont Black and Gold  Fountain Pen Laque De Chine No Box 511CE18   1 Call for Price
ST Dupont Laque De Chine Lighter Brown and Gold No Box 91, and 83 of 350   2 Call for Price
ST Dupont Medici Briquet Gatsby Serie Limitee Medici Laque Platine Jaspe SN 0407of 2420 018471 1 Call for Price
ST Dupont  Briq L2 Petit Modele Serie Limitee Inde Finition Platine Taj Mamal SN 0804 of 2000 018460 1 Call for Price
ST Dupont Set Medici Lighter with Pen 016471/48147M 1 Call for Price
St Dupont Statue of Liberty Small Lighter SN 174 of 250   1 Call for Price
ST Dupont Stylo Roller Orpheo Serie Limitee Opus X 205 Laque Noire SN 156, 131 of 250 482269   2

Call for Price

ST Dupont Olympio By ST Dupont Large Roller Opus X 2006 SN 259 of 450 482277 1

Call for Price

St Dupont Olympio by St Dupont Large Fountain Pen Red Placed Metal SN 5H9AR99 481404M  Call for Price 
ST Dupont Shaman Plume GM Olympio By ST Dupont Fin Palad Serie Limitee Shaman SN 0064 of 1929 481008M 1 Call for Price

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