The Macanudo Best Sellers-Bonita Smoke Shop

Posted by Ana Mir on Aug 3rd 2022

Macanudo Best Sellers at Bonita Smoke Shop

  1. Macanudo Cafe: This is the cigar that started it all. The wrapper is connecticut shade. The binder is Mexican San Andrean. The filler is Mexican, Dominican Piloto Cubano and the body is mellow. The mellow body makes it perfect for beginners. The perfect drink pairings would be dark brown ale and coffee.
  2. Macanudo Inspirado White: Inspirado white contains a golden Connecticut wrapper aged six years that makes the taste creamy, a bit spicy and flavorful. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Connecticut. The binder is Indonesian. The filler is Nicaraguan Esteli, Nicaraguan Jalapa, and Mexican San Andrean. The perfect drink pairings are dark brown ale and aged rum.
  3. Macanudo Gold Label: A limited edition line that brings the distinction of Connecticut shade leaves from only the first and second priming. The wrapper is Connecticut Golden Shade (1st and 2nd Priming). The binder is Mexican San Andrean (1st and 2nd Priming). Finally, the filler is Mexican, and Dominican Piloto Cubano. Perfect drink pairings with gold label are coffee and IPA.
  4. Macanudo Maduro: Last, but not least, is the Maduro. The Maduro, like the gold label, is part of the legacy line. And legacy is a fitting word for this line. Anyway, this mellow to medium cigar was created to fit right into this line because of its sweet tones and craftsmanship. The wrapper is Connecticut broadleaf. It has a Connecticut binder. The Maduro's filler, most importantly, is Mexican and Dominican Piloto Cubano. The perfect drinking pairings for the Maduro are coffee and Tequila. 

Macanudo has a long and interesting history that we’ve only scratched the surface of. They have been able to successfully market their cigars through the years by appealing to different audiences, and they continue to be one of the top-selling brands at Bonita Smoke Shop. If you want to learn more about your favorite cigar, sign up for our newsletter, and we will keep you updated on all things tobacco related! In the meantime, come visit us at Bonita Smoke Shop and pick up a pack (or two) of Macanudos for yourself.