Why you'll love the Flor De Oliva line | Bonita Smoke Shop

Aug 17th 2022

What makes Flor De Oliva bundles a great buy is Quality, affordability and variety. Flor De Oliva bundles come in 4 varieties of wrappers offering choices for every type of cigar smoker. Below are the descriptions for each type of Flor De Oliva Bundles.


A smooth flavorful cigar. Geared toward the smoker who enjoys a cigar that’s lighter on the palate with a short finish, this is an option that won’t empty your wallet.

Wrapper – Ecuador | Binder – Nicaragua | Filler – Nicaragua


Crafted from our Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos which undergo a meticulous aging process, with a sweet tip, which gives you a flavorful, rich and creamy blend without the bite. This medium-bodied cigar offers rich earthy flavors that will charm your senses from first puff to last.

Wrapper – Indonesian Sumatra | Binder – Nicaragua | Filler – Nicaragua


A medium body featuring a long-filler blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos cloaked by a charming Corojo leaf. You’ll find a robust and satisfying profile, featuring toasty notes of cedar. Easy to enjoy, easy to justify, a winner all around.

Wrapper – Ecuador | Binder – Nicaragua | Filler – Nicaragua


This isn’t like the other less bargain brand you’ve tried. You’ll get earthy notes with a satisfying finish and a consistent burn. Don’t be surprised if they make it into your regular rotation!

Wrapper – Ecuador | Binder – Nicaragua | Filler – Nicaragua›