Camacho Corojo Box-Pressed Toro

Camacho Corojo Box-Pressed Toro

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Box of 20
Authentic Corojo - 5th Priming (Honduras
Authentic Corojo Ligero (Honduras)
Authentic Corojo - 3 Primings (Honduras)
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Toro Box-Pressed

Camacho Corojo BXP Toro Box of 20

The authentic classic smoke. From vintage Cuban seed “liberated” from the island. 100% genuine Corojo, the thoroughbred leaf. Slowly aged, like a fine rum. Robust, yet smooth. A most legendary smoke. The original Corojo seed had its roots in Cuba, but its legend is solely in the hands of Camacho. Revered by experienced aficionados for more than a decade, Camacho Corojo is built with a high-grade, fifth-priming wrapper leaf and grown from a plant that was liberated from compromise in the name of true authenticity. After receiving a handful of the smuggled Corojo seeds in the 1960s, we began growing them in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras. There, we spent 40 years dialing up the richness of the plant and bringing its intensity up to the level that made it famous worldwide. The integrity and reverence of Cuba’s famed original Corojo lives on in Camacho… and only in Camacho. No other cigar can claim the true character and authenticity of history’s most cherished tobacco leaf.

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